There is no other two words I hate more than these two.
Something casual.

It seems safe to define the nature of the relationship upfront,
Mutual agreement then established that there was never a formal relationship.
Never started, and thus can’t be said to have an ending.

People may anticipate that, they are not in a committable stage,
They like to put a ceiling of what may have developed into,
To prepare the justification whenever the situation requires more efforts and they refuse to.
To tie up the heart in case it longs for something more and for the eventuality that it will cost them in the end to have the withdrawal.

All is to prevent entering the gamble,
The gamble which itself is a fascinating game, with every senses to be entertained.
But people find it a hard time to see the flowers withered, to have the sweet tone becoming a squishing sound, to smell the no longer enticing scent or unable to smell it for a long time.

The question should be asked and answered is,
Are you strong enough to fall in love?

Something casual – No, I am unprepared for now.
But do they ever wonder,
Maybe the game set up this time, is a great one
The doomed ending deprives the occurrence of a soul-to-soul gazing,
And how many love stories will we able to write.

We trapped ourselves while on the way chasing freedom,
We tasted the bitterness and we are traumatised to reach out again,
We failed to top the sleepless nights with the lingering and fulfilling sentiment of missing someone.

The heart wants pleasure first,
But as an adult, we just cannot grant that many times, don’t we.

I am a hopeless optimist,
a romantic refuse to skip a game,
an addict that just never thinks stopping is an option.

I may have my lips poisoned in purple,
But you will never grasp the thrill I experienced riding that roller coast

~Carol Shi