The term “alpha” is used to distinguish a person that is at a higher level than another in a group – like an authorithy figure. With groups of men, the alpha male may generally be the loud and boisterous person in the group.  Being loud tends to scare and intimidate the competition (other males).

In groups of women however, there are 2 distinct paths that alpha females seem to take.
Based on descriptions and labels that women that I’ve talked to have used, I call these two paths as:
1) The Royal Line and,
2) The Family Line

In groups or alliances, there will generally be alpha females in them. A group’s advantage over another seems to also depend on the types of alpha females in them and the size of the alliance.

The Royal line is comprised of princesses and queens.  In a sense, they chase power much like alpha males do and they may step on others who are in their way as they aim for the coveted top position.
The queens are on top of their game and have immense control within their alliance.  Women are always cautious when approaching a queen, even if they are a queen themselves.
Lower down we have the princesses who are sometimes queens in training and other times, forever in a transition state as they don’t seem to be able to master all there is to master, to be a queen.

The Family line is comprised of Mamas and Aunties.  They seem to strive for group harmony.
While Mamas hold a coveted spot in the family line, unlike the Royal line where the princesses are queens in training, Aunties are not necessarily Mamas in training.

Mamas seem to be females where the maternal role has been switched on and cannot be switched off.  They derive their power from the number of people they can influence and protect.
Protection is offered to their alliances and even to males who technically do not have voting rights in female alliances.

Aunties are different as they do not actively seek to expand the number of people under them.  Sometimes, they are seen as isolates or islands while other times, they may be in charge of a few people. When there is a need, they may temporarily step into the top role, be it a Mama role or a Queen role.
However, as this is not necessarily their element, they seem ill suited to occupy the role for long periods without suffering health breakdown.