In mixed functional groupings, there is an interesting dynamic that transforms the manner in which the group’s information is discussed and disseminated to other groups.
The assumption (largely held by men) in paternalistic societies is that the men are in charge.  However, an observation of families as well as people in organizations where there are at least two women in the group points to something else.

When groups are made of men and women, the top down structure seems to be:
1.Elder woman
2.Elder man
3.Younger woman
4.Younger man

Essentially, the women take control over the group especially if they are an alpha female of a particular kind [to be discussed later].  The elder woman trumphs the younger woman in that she has had more years to hone her craft.  When this person is highly skilled as a manipulator, she is not seen to be directing anything.

The men take second and also last spot.  The elder man’s sphere of influence extends to manipulation of the younger women and younger men in the grouping.  He is largely defenceless to the manipulation by the elder woman though he may sometimes have an awareness that he is being manipulated by her but without suitable strategies to deal or challenge her manipulative behavior.

The younger man remains oblivious to the manipulation by the women (all of them).  Unfortunately, he does this to the point of delusion.  It doesn’t even occur to him that his behaviour is being manipulated. For example, when manipulative efforts direct the younger man to do something on behalf of, or for the group, he thinks he is being chivalrous and “willingly” does it! It is the same situation when as an adult, the younger man does what his mother tells him to do.