The pool had a shiver when the breeze touched the surface,
The same scene, you walk past every day.
There used to be concerns about the hazy colour of the tiles underneath the pool.
Trust has the blink moment, where upon momentary blindness under water, you thought the sneak is twining around you.

Here comes the manifest,
Where the tickling fear seemed as innocent as the cat sniffing by and not giving a damn.
Where the bully who devoured you, has smashed the door that prisoned you too many times and the handle was getting rusty.
Where on the edge of the explosion, you let go of the little girl sobbing, and simultaneously, the hidden side of you has finally stepped out and picked your weapon.
It’s go time.
The shiver after she sobbed, as if the percussion on the soul, for a second, you were spilled all over around you in pieces. The big bang happened in that second, then in one inhalation, you took all those pieces back.
The universe has reconstituted in you.

You take that element of pain and torture as the central piece,
Does it mean, we, being our own torturer would make the world the opposite of what it is now?
Does it mean, acknowledging the quality of life is rife with suffering is the only way out?
Does it mean, the pain need to be transformed into the anchoring power within, that reaches, and restores the balance of where we come from?

That girl does not care.
We walked out of the room and wiped clean the tears.
Even if that is true, we have prepared the battle ground and from now on, we would be sharpening the thrusting sword and rhyme with the fearless drums beating deep down.

One day as usual,
We decided to go to the pool,
We jumped into it instead.
The fear got suspended in the air and heaven knows how marvellous it felt.
To rip through the curtain of the fear and put it along side with the courage,
Hello, new life.
We smiled in the ripples.

~Carol Shi