(The short poem is to dedicated to the song “Lemon” by Kenshi Yonezu, which has accompanied me in the nights that hope has seemed fade away.)

I remembered the day you talked to me in the rain.
You said, pain will be temporary and so is your existence
I remembered that the rain almost made you invisible with your black coat in the dark night
But how can I let go of you, who are the one holding the umbrella in my life.

You said, life shall go on as if the morning after the storm.
Motherly light will come to the window
Wind will blow your hair wild
You will dance with your shadows
You will observe life from the glass window with million pieces of dirt on the surface
Need not to struggle
Need not to struggle
As I will be nowhere, as I can be anywhere
Just smell the lemon we used to pick in our garden
Just not to forget the songs we used to hum in the play
Just remember those moments, they will be the same when you are alone in the rain.

~Carol Shi