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  • How the star looks like (Neptune)

    (Neptune, most of us see chaos in it. The discovery of this planet is coupled with the invention of anesthetics, hypnotherapy, etc. But the inventions do not explain how we cope with chaos; how we could see through the illusions; or how we swim with it. Many will see religion as a closer, sorted version […]

  • How the stars look like (Pluto)

    (Pluto among other stars, always has this terrifying amor, being associated with the darkest sides and pure transformation energy. And with its late discovery by mankind as compared to other planets close to the Sun, how can we make it fit in, make it feel home. Below are the outcries of Pluto within us.) It’s […]

  • New Life

    The pool had a shiver when the breeze touched the surface,The same scene, you walk past every day.There used to be concerns about the hazy colour of the tiles underneath the pool.Trust has the blink moment, where upon momentary blindness under water, you thought the sneak is twining around you. Here comes the manifest,Where the […]

  • How the stars look like (Saturn and Jupiter)

    Somehow, I cannot neglect the doubt that is it too good to be real. Creeping into my dream,We whispered under the blanket as if having home-made porridge in grandma’s house.Luke-warm bodies settled.The illusion of the closeness did not put the dream to rest that easy,Brewing and waiting.You were suddenly triggered,The guardian of the netherworld has […]

  • How the stars look like (The beauty, the beast and the thief)

    The giant has finally walked out from the wars he initiated.He went back to the village and has never felt so empty.Looking deep into the well, reaching his hand and cannot help but trembling.The peace feels surreal, there is one high pitched noise in his head, the damn cuckoo clock still works in the dusty […]

  • The Regular

    Coffee cup before him, and slanting sunThe sounds seem muted, perhaps only by how deep he isIn thought.There is nothing but stillness, and the gentle touch of sensationsWarmth of the sun, cool of the fan,Taste of bitter coffee and sweet fruit,The nearby musical clink of shifting crockery.And in the midst of this, tempest thoughts want […]

  • How the stars look like (the Sun and the moon)

    The ritual singing from the Norupo,The song you like that feels like the holy voice from the hell,Making you perceive the rhyme and the sensation embedded in the resentment of the tone.You were finally shown that what the Sun guides you may put you against the world,The dark side of the moon may be where […]

  • Happily ever after instead

    It does not require much to have a glimpse of those earlier moments, in which, as happy and jumpy as a puppy I was.Until this day, I am still attached to the teddy bear. In the moment I hug him, like the moment I rushed home to find my rabbit buddy.But the first welcome gang […]

  • The process of venting

    Voice fails to hide its tracks when there is an explosion. Started on Thursday afternoon,Laughter has suddenly become loud from the diaphragm, not from the throat.The subject was not that hilarious,But there was an urge to make it tremble through the door.A random mumbling of complaint, has lost its original sanity. It’s the volume that […]

  • Carol and the Elderly Lady

    (I question the necessity of celebrations for the generally accepted ones that requires my obligations) I remembered it was in my grandma’s yard about 15 years ago.I buried a blue bird. On the day of lunar eclipse in June 2020,I saw a bird being ran over on the road.I could not move further.So I took […]